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 L70 Rogue - AspeeN

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PostSubject: L70 Rogue - AspeeN   Fri May 16, 2008 8:43 am

Part 1. Social info?
1. Real name (first name is egnough)

2. Age

3. Country

4. Whats ur intrest and hobbys etc Smile
Wow, beer and my buddies :p

5. Do you know anyone in the guild?

6. Why do you want to join Steam Tonks?

7. Previous guilds (and why did you leave?)
Dehumanized - We aint got peeps for raid, casual guild.

Part 2. character info

8. Character name

9. Class

10. level

11. Spec
20/41 - Combat Sword

12. What kinda gear u have? (rare, PVP epic or PVE epic)'
PvE - Hit, Hit and Hit... Mostly.

13. please link armoury

14. Raiding experience
Karahazan: yes
Zul Aman: yes
Gruuls lair: yes
Tempest keep: no
SSC: been there
Mount Hyjal: no
Black Temple: no
Sunwell plateu: no

15. You got all Heroic keys? and do you know them all?
Aye! All, and I got em when it required Revered!

16. Anything else you want to share with us?
Played my rogue for 2,5 years so I'm experienced Smile
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PostSubject: Re: L70 Rogue - AspeeN   Fri May 16, 2008 9:16 am

Looking very good... But i think we have to many rouges...maybe time to kick some inactive rouges then ^^
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L70 Rogue - AspeeN
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